(exclusively sold on SHOPSTYLEGUISE) will be donating 100% of profits to Armenia Support Fund:

ASF is currently focused on providing grants to small and medium size businesses in Armenia that have been negatively impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic as well as providing aid to companies affected by political upheaval. All funds distributed to Armenian businesses will go through a strict vetting processes before grants are awarded to ensure the money is going to those who need it most!


At Styleguise, it has always been our mission to give others a rewarding and positive experience with fashion. While many of us may have the resources and access to fashion, others simply do not. 

Styleguise and Tania Sarin Collection (TSxSG) will be donating to Donors Choose, giving students access to resources and school supplies.
Donors Choose is an organization that allows the public to connect with a classroom in need and provide students with specific tools and experiences that will allow them to experience a better education.

Considering the rampant cut backs in our education system, state funding not being distributed to properly uplift and support our youth, and the inequality in funding for specifically POC. We want to make an actionable and direct impact. Just like Tania (founder of TS x SG) and Cat (founder of Styleguise Inc) experienced in their classrooms; which were packed with resources and supplies. 
Make a direct difference for the youth. Funding where you want to see it. 

If you don't shop with us can still donate directly: