Our Story

Sustainable, locally made, and ethically sourced. 

ShopStyleguise is a online e-commerce platform with a range of products all made in Los Angeles. 

After seeing taste makers after taste maker do capsule collections with fast fashion retailers, Cat Wennekamp founder of Styleguise Inc. was driven to create a shop that oversees and ensures sustainable practices are being used every step of the way. 

Cat collaborated with good friend and taste maker Tania Sarin, on a new mask and accessories collection called TSxSG. Styleguise and Tania’s goal is to provide chic and comfortable masks for all occasions for women who want to still look elevated while feeling safe.

Future collections include: model Heather Kemesky of ASH Studios,  Omnes All Jewelry and more. 

We hope to help influence other online retailers to chose more sustainable routes when manufacturing clothes, create smaller carbon footprint, and enforce best practices when collaborating with taste makers.